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Morehead News - home - summer 2003


December 2008

CSPAN's BookTV, December 2008

Autumn 2007

Earth Island   ...this issue's cover story

July 12 2006

Nobody Knows, Nobody Sees   ...a 2nd novel of Kentucky

November 3 2004

Christian Science Monitor article,

Books and Tapes

Bearskin Home Call Nobody Knows, Nobody Sees Missing Mountains
Kentucky Authors Cook Aunt Ethel's Plumbing Haunted Hills Stories I Never Told my Mother

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WKYT-TV interview, January 7th, 2004:

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Lexington Herald-Leader columns:

Sexual Preoccupation
A Good President?
Un-Social Discourse
Dan'l Boone vs the Congressman
Boone vs Rogers, part II
Toy Bugles
Forgotten Young Soldiers
Flynt Brothers Hard to Beat
Security Hole Big Enough to Drive a Bus Through
For Love of Kentucky, Stop Destroying It
I Love Mountains

NPR Morning Edition pieces:

ugly dog
depression hardship
uncle ezra
doc brown
real beverly hillbillies

Radio Commentaries (RealAudio):

Old Dog (updated 4/5/2005)
Parakeet (4/5/2005)

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