Short Fiction: a sampling

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    People sometimes ask to see a few of my short stories, and I'm always glad to oblige.  As I tell people who come to my writing workshops, what's the point of writing stories if no one reads them?

These stories were once part of another web page, and I will forever be grateful to Gary and Belinda Burnore for building my first  "home"  on the Internet.  These days Julie, my wife, deals with updating the web page.

Several of the following stories are previously published, appearing for the most part in magazines and literary quarterlies most people have never heard of.  It's very likely your local library carries some of them.  If you like short fiction, consider subscribing to one or more.

some of those good "little" magazines:
Appalachian Heritage  |   Wind  |   Carve Magazine  |   Limestone  |   Now & Then  |   StorySouth  |   Dead Mule
    The best writing in America appears in publications hardly anyone ever hears about.  These  "little"  magazines are edited and assembled by some hardworking people because they love to read, not because they're making a great living at it.  In most cases the editors of these little magazines don't make any money at all.

Literary quarterlies are a labor of love, and deserve far more attention and support than they get.

All the following material is copyrighted and should not be re-published, copied to other web sites, or otherwise distributed without my permission.  I likely won't have problems granting such permission, but it's nice to ask before using someone else's property, intellectual or otherwise...

Most of these stories are set in Appalachia.

I'm a product of Eastern Kentucky's working class.  I'm a blue collar hillbilly, and my writing usually reflects that locale and culture.  A few are genre pieces, science fiction, fantasy or imaginative tales set in alternative universes  (and a lot of fun to write).  Here and there you'll find a bit of rough language.  It's how my characters talk...

If I tell you it ain't my fault they were raised up to speak so rough, I'm only being a little bit facetious.  Any writer's characters are quite real to him or her, and we want them to seem real to others.  Still, if cussing and  "bad words"  offend you, you might not like the people populating the following, 'cause they'll damn sure offend the thin skinned.

At the end of some stories I'll append a brief explanation of where the story came from, the  "story behind the story"  as it were.  Some readers are interested in that kind of thing; and writers always want to talk about their work.

The writer who denies it will lie about other things too...

Enough of this.

I assume you came to look at some fiction, not at some guy's typing about it.  So I'll hush and leave you to look over as much or as little of these tales as you can stand.  Should you care to say anything about the stories, feel free to email me:   r l sloan at mind spring dot com

"a sampling of short fiction"
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If you like what you see, consider coming back again.  Sooner or later more stories will show up on this site.

Thanks for your time and attention.  Y'all take care.

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