Humor: a collection

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    Usenet is that part of the Internet devoted to "newsgroups," sections where people with a presumed common interest in something or other may post their thoughts about that shared interest.

Or anything else.

Everyone has a personal notion of what Usenet is supposed to be.

My favorite definition is attributed to Tom Fawcett, whoever he is:

"I think of it as a party held in a very, very large house.  In one room people are drinking espresso and discussing translations of Rilke, while in another they're sucking nitrous out of a garbage bag and setting fire to a couch."

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    I'd say that about sums it up.  Usenet is pure anarchy, an ever more uncommon thing in our world.

Spending time reading Usenet posts is sorta like passing a few minutes or hours in a classic neighborhood bar, where most people know one another, but the occasional stranger shows up.  In the bar where I occasionally stop for a drink or three, I hear some local news I might not otherwise get, or am given the down-and-dirty truth of some scandal or other.

Occasionally somebody tries to sell me something I don't want, and every now and then a college kid working on the other side of the bar for minimum wage will try and get one of us to do a piece of his homework.  Mostly a good bar  --or Usenet--  is a place to tell stories old enough they could vote if we could figure out how to get 'em registered.

All of which I've encountered on Usenet, in one form or another.

All of which is in this section, in one form or another.

"a collection of humor"
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