Informational sites:
Read the feed from the Associated Press, updated constantly: - AP National News
Good place to find out if it's raining where you used to live (or anyplace else):
Weather Underground: Welcome to The Weather Underground
                Writing-related sites:
An astounding number of links to all facets of writing:
A place to research who's who in the business end of writing and publishing:
Everyone Who's Anyone in Trade Publishing
If you've forgotten everything you learned in high school English classes:
Guide to Grammar and Writing
Just what it says:
MPR's The Writer's Almanac
                Stuff to read:
Another writer from my home town:
Garry Barker's "Head of the Holler"
Another Kentucky writer, from Berea:
Jim Tomlinson's Homepage
All sorts of nonfiction and essays:
Arts & Letters Daily - ideas, criticism, debate
The best on-line literary ‘zine I've seen. Really professional quality fiction:
Carve Magazine
Weirdest electronic magazine I've seen (and done by professional writers):
Not for the easily offended!
The Hopian
                Research helps:
Do the right thing...
AFL-CIO Boycott List
Good Bible concordance:
Bible Gateway
Find out where a word came from:
Online Etymology Dictionary
Synopses of novels you oughta read but never will:
More stuff you forgot but every now and then wish you still knew:
Literary Terms and Definitions
How to spell "onomatopoeia" and what it is (plus lots and lots of other stuff):
Glossary of Poetic Terms
Find ZIP codes:
United States Postal Service - ZIP Code Look-Up and Address Information
Want to know when some celebrity died, or if they died:
Who's Alive and Who's Dead
Everything you ever wanted to know about movie, TV series, actor or someone else in the movie biz:
The Internet Movie Data Base
                Miscellaneous sites I like:
Turn a multi-line URL into a short five or six letter one. Good for e-mailing and posting URLs: - where tiny is better!
Astonishingly slick MIDI files of ragtime piano:
'Perfessor' Bill Edwards Ragtime Sheet Music Covers and MIDI Files
Cousin Fred found this one, and it's just what it says:
Unusual Sights of Kentucky
Also just what it says, but really worth looking at:
The Stupid Gift Shop: Funny, Bizarre, and STUPID Gifts for Kids and Adults
Funny time-waster of a game where you catapult cows for distance:
The Flying Cow
Another game, but in this one you're after sheep:
Welcome to
What it says:
Best urban legends debunk site I've found:
Another good urban legends site:
The Urban Legends Top 25 - Most Popular Topics in Urban Legends and Folklore
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here's a list

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