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Wednesday, July 9th, 2003




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  a note from Bob...
  Bearskin to Holly Fork, in print just a little over a month, is doing quite well.  Serious, real thanks to all of you who have bought a copy (or copies).  That means more than you know, unless you're also a writer and have gone out offering a book of your own.
  Last month I told Danner's Books in Muncie I was pretty sure I could sell forty books there, and they ordered fifty.  We sold fortyeight, and they bought some more from the personal stash we carry to such things.  That was a store record, and it wasn't all family...
  Three sweet little old ladies showed up and bought a total of six or seven books.  During World War II they moved to Indiana from Rowan, Carter and Morgan Counties here in Kentucky, and wanted to "help out" somebody from down home.
  Sue, A nice lady Julie and I know from a writer's USENET group surprised us by driving up from Columbus IN.  Got to spend a little time with her and her kids.  (Sue is the only person I know who ever raised a wild starling  --a pair of them actually--  as pets, and taught them to talk.)
  And some people I knew from high school came too.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself, and I suspect Danner's would be happy to see us come back any old time.
  Coming up:
July 16:
  I'll be interviewed on the public radio program Curtains@8 on WUKY in Lexington KY.  They're at 91.3 FM, and if you're outside the area and would like to listen, they do streaming audio from their website at []
  If there's a radio station in your area that does author interviews, please email me with the station call letters, and the name of the program.  Most stations will do those things over the phone and I'm always ready to talk about my book.
July 17:
  The Berea (KY) Arts Council and the Berea College Bookstore are co-sponsoring a reading by Charlie Hughes, Steven Cope and me.  Hughes is one of the most engaging poets I know of, and will read from his collection Shifting for Myself.  Cope has a serious national rep as a poet, and will most likely read from one of his novels.
July 23:
  The Little Professor Book Center in Athens OH (65 S Court St, 740-592-4418) is sponsoring a signing at 5:00 p.m.  That morning, from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. I'll be interviewed by David Palmer on WATH-WXTQ radio.
July 26:
  An organization called Kentucky Professional Communicators has asked me to be the speaker at their annual conference, in Frankfort KY.  I don't have a lot of details about the event, which is open to the public, but the point of contact is Cathie Shaffer, "style editor" for the Ashland Independent newspaper (
July 29:
  Reading and signing at the Barnes & Noble bookstore at 3748 E 82nd St, Indianapolis.  Starts at 7:00 p.m.  For details or directions, call B&N at 317-594-7525 or email Terry, the community relations and marketing person at the store, at
July 30:
  "Bluegrass, Bourbon and Bearskin" at P. S. O'Rourke's in Indianapolis.  The Stringtown Pickers will play from 7:00 until 10:00 p.m., the Jim Beam company will do some promotional stuff with their Knob Creek brand of "small batch bourbon"  --very good stuff--  and I'll do some reading and in general have a good time.  This is going to be a really good party, and if you can possibly make it, please do so.  If you can't make it, but know someone in the Indianapolis area who would appreciate such an event, let them know about it.
  P. S. O'Rourke's is at 6155 East 86th St in Indianapolis, behind Castleton Mall, and it's real easy to find.  Their phone number is 317-579-9000 if you need directions, and they have a web page  --with a map--  at [].
  If you can put me in touch with a group that would let me come and talk about the book, or can tell me the call letters of any radio stations in your area that do author interviews, please email or call me with that information as soon as possible.
  Thanks for your interest in all this, and thanks for any help you can lend in making noise about Bearskin to Holly Fork.


Sunday, November 21st, 2004 - Morehead, Kentucky

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