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Friday, October 29th, 2004




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  a note from Bob...
  I've been remiss in doing a "newsletter" lately, and a couple people asked me when I'd do another one. . .   Here y'go:
  We got ripped off so far as "fall color" went in Rowan County.  Hope it was better where you were.  The last time we had a bright autumn was '94, and there were high expectations this year:  there was plenty of rain during the summer --too much, really-- and conditions were right for a beautiful pre-winter display.  Maybe the unseasonably warm weather was the reason leaves seemed to go from green to brown with nothing in between.  The few days when it might have been pretty, it was gray and rainy and overcast.  
  But I'm not complaining:  the older I get the more I dread winter, so this fall warm-up suits me fine.
  Julie's been working on the web page:  there are a lot more photos in the photo section, and the fiction area has some new stories.  
(an aside from Julie:  the books & tapes now each have their own pages, which I'll try to keep updated as more reviews and write-ups come in.   That's all easily accessible from the "front page."  Now back to your regularly scheduled Bob...)
  Had some nice things happen lately about the books:
  Both were reviewed in the Lexington Herald Leader, on successive Sundays.  You can read the reviews at Bearskin and Home Call respectively.  
(another aside from Julie:  the uncut reviews can be seen on this site, at Bearskin and Home Call)
  And Bearskin to Holly Fork was picked to be one of twelve books discussed next year on KET's "Book Club" program.  Some of you all helped with that, and it's much appreciated.  
  On Wednesday, November 3rd, the Christian Science Monitor will run a brief essay I wrote about animals that were once locally extinct coming back to the Daniel Boone National Forest.  If you can't find a hard copy of the newspaper, you'll be able to see the article on-line at  Scroll down to the "Home Forum" section. . .
  Where we'll be:
  This weekend --Oct 29th and 30th, Friday and Saturday-- Julie and I will be at the Western Kentucky Book Fest, in Sturgis KY.   This is the first time for this event, and they've lined up a slew of regional writers for it.  
  Nov 13th - The Kentucky Book Fair is happening in Frankfort.  If you haven't been to this thing before, this would be a good year to check it out.  Among the authors scheduled to be there are Bob Edwards (the former voice of NPR's Morning Edition) and Rick Bragg (author of Ava's Man, the finest personal memoir I've ever read).  Betty Sparks will be there too, along with Silas House, James Baker Hall, George Brosi, and a bunch of others.  Julie and I are sitting next to Homer Ledford this year, which oughta be a trip.  The Kentucky Book Fair is a great opportunity to meet some of those writers with whom you've always wanted to have some face-to-face time.
  Nov 17th - We're going to Louisville to tape an episode of the KET program Mixed Media.  I don't have a clue when it'll be aired, but will let you know.  
  Dec 4th (Saturday) - We're signing books at the Appalachian Craft Fair on the campus of Morehead State University.  If you're in the area, this is a good chance to buy some Christmas presents of all sorts, for all ages, from the people who make them.
  Where we've been:
  It's been so long since I put out one of these up-dates, I'm tempted to just say "We've been everywhere," and let it go at that.
  I did a workshop on marketing books from a small publisher at Lexington's Carnegie Center.  That was thoroughly enjoyable.  A long time ago, as a high school kid I spent a whole lot of hours in an old Carnegie Library, and it's wonderful to see one of them saved, and devoted to the very serious issue of literacy and writing.  
  We went to events in Hindman, Frenchburg, Muncie IN, Athens OH, and Lexington.  I was on a panel at the national conference of the International Association of Press Women in Lexington, along with David Dick.  Talk about intimidating. . .   The IAPW is made up of reporters, public relations people, writers all of them.  And looking across the table at David Dick, who got an Emmy for news reporting when he was with CBS news --I remember watching him on Walter Cronkite's evening show-- I couldn't help wondering what I was doing there.  
  We did two family weddings in July:  my niece got married in Indiana, and later in the month Julie's son was married in Columbia South Carolina.  
  Guess that'll do for now. . .
  Come see us


Sunday, November 21st, 2004 - Morehead, Kentucky

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