These Indians Walked

          appeared in Just A Moment, spring 1995

Surrounded by sibilant forest,
living in huts,
the peoples' harvest
grew wild as themselves.
Peaceful and pedestrian,
they lived-bred-died-disappeared
with no noise, notice or nuisance.
The Chief's name
graces a city now,
and to mark
historical datum of
wild brown men
walking along the river,
someone sent to New York
for a copy in copper of this statue:
a Sioux-head-dressed
on horseback.
photo: statue of Indian on horseback, wearing elaborate feathered headdress


The statue is  "An Appeal to the Great Spirit,"  and stands in Muncie, Indiana, overlooking a site on the White River that was once a Delaware village.  Locals have for years thought of the sculpture as  "Chief Munsee,"  for whom the town was named.  Sad, ain't it?

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